Wedding / Pre-Marrital Application Entry

Wedding Application
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Please answer the following questions (Bride and Groom should complete this section individually)

The officiating pastor reserves the right to postpone the wedding to a later date if he believes that more time is required to provide the best possible environment for a successful marriage, or to refuse to perform the wedding ceremony if the couple's current relationship not honoring to the Lord. He also reserves the right to cancel any scheduled wedding if any of these conditions become apparent prior to the wedding. If the wedding is not approved, postponed, or cancelled, then the GCC facility will not be used for the wedding (or for any preliminary wedding activities) nor will any of the other pastoral staff members or worship team members actively participate in the wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony and the wedding reception must both be honoring to the Lord Jesus Christ. With that in mind, the wedding ceremony, the music selections chosen for the wedding and the reception, and the beverages served at the wedding reception must be approved by the Pastor before he agrees to perform the wedding ceremony.

We have answered the questions honestly, have read the foregoing two paragraphs, and are willing to abide by those conditions if we choose to have our wedding performed by a GCC pastor.